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Credentee is a specialized platform for issuing, authenticating, and sharing digital credentials.

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Digitally Sign, Deliver, and Tokenize Achievements

Whether you're an educational institution or a corporate entity, our platform provides a secure solution for your credential management. From diplomas and certificates to licenses and accreditations, handle them all.

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Customizable Document Templates:
Create various documents, from certificates to licenses, using versatile templates you can tailor to precisely fit your organization's requirements.
Blockchain-Powered Metadata:
Ensure the authenticity of your documents by permanently recording their metadata on the blockchain.
Digital Signing and Delivery:
Streamline your document issuance with digital signing and direct email delivery, applicable for a diverse range of organizations - be it education, corporate, or professional.
Document ownership and verification:
Empower recipients, whether students, professionals, or members to verify and assert ownership of their documents through digital signing, enhancing the credibility of their personal or professional portfolios.
Sharing and Networking:
Enable recipients to easily share their authenticated documents with a wider audience.
Offer the option to transform documents into tokens adding an extra layer of security and permanence for all types of credentials.


Coca-Cola HBC Certification Experience with Credentee

Understanding the need for verifiable credentials, Coca-Cola Hellenic chose Credentee's customized platform to issue secure, on-chain certificates for the Coca-Cola Digital Academy attendees.

Digital Credentials on Blockchain

Participants of the academy receive blockchain-certified credentials, with their details securely stored in a decentralized repository. This guarantees both the authenticity and the durability of each certificate.

Distribution and Visibility

Issuers can easily create and send certificates through email. Recipients can create tokens out of their certificates on the blockchain and share their accomplishments on social media, increasing their visibility and acknowledgment.

A solution like this supports the continuous addition of new skills and certifications, facilitating professional growth and lifelong learning.

Elevating Trust in Your Digital Documents

In a digital world, the lack of authenticity and straightforward validation of documents can be a major roadblock for both issuers and recipients.

Unlike traditional document handling and certification methods, Credentee leverages blockchain technology, providing a verifiable solution to document management.

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